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The ski tracker that shows where your friends are

Timan Rebel, Co-founder

Three reasons to join Snowciety for free:

Always see where your friends are on the slopes

Because it is often hard to find your friends on the slopes when you decide to split up.

Phone calls and text messages are easily missed and when you get a response 45 minutes later, the question where they were is no longer relevant.

Wouldn't it be great if you could see where your friends are on the slopes?

With Snowciety you can do just that!

See your route and all the important stats of your day on the slopes

So how do we do that?

When you open Snowciety in the morning and start a recording, we begin to track your location, speed, distance, etc and share that with your friends in real-time.

We also store all that information, so you have an overview of your days on the slopes. But not only your runs, but also those of your friends!

Download Snowciety for free now!

"Snowciety is Path-meets-Google-Latitude for skiers"

Martin Bryant, Managing Editor The Next Web